Brian Lofy

I have known Kevin professionally for just short of a decade now. In 2000, Kevin came highly recommended by a mutual friend and coworker, who subsequently went on to buy four houses in San Diego through Kevin, each house sequentially purchased and previous sold. My confidence in Kevin´s abilities was bolstered by his skillful professionalism, personable interaction, and knowledge of the San Diego buying/selling landscape. His advice and suggestions were pivotal in my decision to buy where and when I did, greatly enhanced by Kevin´s organization and presentation of my options. At the time, he and his team prepared a booklet of home pictures, descriptions, and maps which assisted in a logical and straight forward buying process. Since then Kevin augmented his portfolio with digital videos, descriptions, etc. to enhance the overall experience. I have referred Kevin to my friends who have also purchased through him with similar experiences and opinions. I have dealt with several real estate agents in the past that did not instill the same sense of immediate trust that Kevin earned from me, perhaps one of his most challenging and selective customers. I will be hiring Kevin the next time I buy a house in San Diego!